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Improving Your ICT Systems

Your business information and communication technology (ICT) systems should be working to make your business more effective and efficient, however this is not always the case.

There can be a number of reasons, which require a detailed and careful review to fully identify.

Fully reviewing and finding the right solutions for your ICT systems requires experience and detailed knowledge that most businesses don't have internally.

The solution - to get expert independent help from an ICT consultant.

Our expert ICT consultants can fully review your ICT systems, identify problems and make practical recommendations including recommending alternative systems to save you money and increase productivity.

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ICT Systems


  • Improved business efficiency
  • Ability to respond quickly to changing conditions
  • Gain & sustain competitive advantage


  • Assess the performance of your present ICT systems
  • Research the latest developments in ICT & relate these to your business needs
  • Develop cost-effective strategies for acquiring & implementing ICT
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What are ICT Systems

Business information and communication technologies (ICT) systems involve more than just your companies IT, it consists of all the hardware, software, data and people involved.

A good business ICT System can:

  • Increased productivity - complete a greater number of tasks in the same time at reduced cost.
  • Increased capacity - able to deal with vast amounts of information and process it quickly.
  • Fast information transfer - able to transmit and receive information rapidly.

However ICT systems are not without their problems so it is important that you have clear strategic objectives for your business that you can review your ICT system against.

Problems With Existing ICT Systems

When investigating problems with ICT systems it is not always the systems that is at fault.
Our ICT consultants have found through detailed ICT system investigations that most problems stem from improper implementation, poor training or incorrect procedures.

As a result staff can produce inaccurate or inappropriate data and reports. Sadly our consultants have seen instances where this has resulted in a breakdown in relationships with key suppliers.

Fixing ICT system problems can save you time and money while improving your businesses efficiency and customer/supplier relationships. However, most businesses are already fully occupied with their core business needs and lack the experience and resources needed to successfully review and improve their ICT systems.

An experienced independent ICT consultant like Hedley Basford management consultants can fully review your current systems, identify problems and make practical recommendations including recommending alternative systems. This will ensure your business ICT systems are working successfully and efficiently.

Expert ICT Systems Advice & Support
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ICT Systems - How We Can Help

Hedley Basford management consultants can review your current ICT system and if necessary so specifying alternative suitable computer systems.

In addition we can handle the invitation to tender, advise on the selection of suppliers and systems, draft contracts and project manage or oversee the implementation. The extent of our involvement depends on your project requirements and the resources directly available to you.

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By Reviewing and Improving Your ICT Systems

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ICT Systems

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