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Financial Management

Many companies restrict their ability to expand by failing to maximise their business borrowing potential. There is also a reluctance to give up equity in return for medium term funding.

When borrowing it is not often appreciate how different the banks can be in their approach towards corporate lending - you may be suprised at how innovative some of them can be.

In additions to the 'High Street' banks, there are a number of smaller private banks and investors that have interests in particular business sectors.

Other funding can be optained through grants or by exploring options such as the Angel Bourse and the AIM market, amongst others.

Business Finance Management


  • Build your business on a secure financial base
  • Sound controls & effective forecasting
  • Accurate & timely reporting


  • Review sources of business funding
  • Review forecasting, budgeting & costing processes
  • Review accounting & reporting procedures & systems
Expert Business Financial Management Support
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Business Financial Management - How We Can Help

Hedley Basford management consultants can advise, source and negotiate for all sources of business funding.

An essential prerequisite to securing funding is having sound accounting, budgeting and reporting systems and procedures. Hedley Basford is a chartered accountant who was previously Group Financial Systems Manager for the Sears Holdings. His colleagues are well connected with banks and other lenders.

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Financial Management

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