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The following are just a few examples of the feedback we have received from clients:

"Hedley has a large amount of management consulting experience with businesses and organisations in many sectors. He has the art of successfully guiding top decision makers in defining and implementing strategies for improving business performance.


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Hedley Basford Management Consultants have over 35 years of corporate & consulting experience.

We have undertaken projects in most business sectors for companies of all sizes.

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I've been privileged to work with Hedley for businesses in the consulting, building services, and marketing sectors and am very impressed with the practical and realistic advice he offers his clients.


I've seen examples of great results for his business clients in areas such as sales and marketing, employee surveys and customer satisfaction surveys, disaster recovery, business contingency and planning.


I'd certainly recommend contacting Hedley for independent, impartial and practical business advice for improving performance in all areas of business."
Rachel Cornish, Managing Director, Cornish WebServices Ltd



"Hedley is a trusted and experienced business partner. He is always willing to help and advise on all types of issue from a small issue to a business changing problem. He is a great source of inspiring ideas, with the added benefit of the knowledge of how to put the ideas into the real world. A pleasure to know and work with."
Linda Darby, Remote Connections Ltd



"I have recommended Hedley on many occasions for customer surveys and business research, and have worked with him as a consultant. I recommend him and his services for both consultancy and research survey work. For the latter, the results for a specific client were outstanding, with a response rate of over 25% due to the detailed approach that he takes."
Barry Tuckwood, Barry Tuckwood Associates



"Hedley is a thoroughly professional consultant, one that I would trust without hesitation. His careful, measured assessment of business problems makes him stand out from many consultants. His command of the English language is impressive and he is one of the dying breed of 'real' gentleman both in his business and home life."
Kathy Strong, Managing Director, Strong Research International Ltd



"I first worked with Hedley in 2003, when he created and managed a survey on our behalf for a major prospect. The results generated were a major factor in us being able to demonstrate the value we would bring to the client, and consequently we won the contract, against strong competition. Hedley brings a highly adaptable service to the market, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wishing to collect important data.


In particular, Hedley's ability to see beyond the data to the valuable information it provides is outstanding. Hedley is also one of the most professional and disciplined research consultants I have ever worked with. He always seeks to add additional value to his clients, and is totally dependable. His work is of the utmost quality."
Paul Crittenden, Transformational Thinking Ltd



"I have worked with Hedley on consultancy assignments, both with him as the lead and with me as the lead. In each case I found him to be thoroughly reliable and trustworthy with plenty of good ideas and the ability to get on with clients very well."
Tim Abbott, Minerva Management Consulting Ltd


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Client Feedback

"I have felt so much better knowing that you are looking after our interests"

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