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Employee Motivation & Satisfaction

Your employees are a vital part of your business success. Motivated and committed staff make your business more productive and efficient.

Our management consultants provide practical help and advice on how to assess your employees satisfaction and can recommend sensible changes to improve your business for both you and your staff.

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Employee Satisfaction & Motivation


  • Motivated and committed staff

  • Employees feel valued & staff turnover is reduced


  • Engage with your staff to understand their attitudes

  • Identify employee issues
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Employee Motivation

  • People work for social as well as economic needs
  • People need to feel trusted and valued
  • People need efficient working practices
  • People need to feel proud of the organisations for which they work.

All too often, employers are unaware of these basic needs and have problems motivating their employees. By creating cultures that encourage employee initiative, individuality and loyalty you can make you business more successful.

Employee Surveys - Keeping It Confidential

Obviously the best way to assess not only your employees satisfaction, but also their motivational levels is to ask them. However, your employees may be reluctant to open up to you, because they worry their honesty maybe misunderstood.

Our management consultants conducted a recent survey for one company, ensuring that no one could be identified individually. The response to the survey was amazing - many thoughtful and constructive suggestions were made as to how the company could improve employee motivation.

As a result a 'breath of fresh air' has blown through the company, employees are much happier and the company has become more successful as a direct result of the newfound relationship between management and staff.

Employee Satisfaction, Employee Surveys
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Motivated Employees - How We Can Help

Hedley Basford management consultants have expert understanding of how to develop employee surveys to accurately measure your employees satisfaction and motivation.

Our research has shown us that responses are generally more forthcoming and frank when conducted by an independent, external management consultant who can preserve employee anonymity.

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Supporting Your People

Employee Motivation
Employee Satisfaction

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