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Managing Redundancies - Helping your leavers

If as a business you need to make redundancies these need to be carefully planned to make sure you follow all the required legislation.

In addition when making redundancies it can greatly benefit your business to assist your leavers to find new jobs.

Hedley Basford management consultants can help you manage redundancies and equip your redundant employees to find alternative employment.

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Managing Redundancy
- Top Tip

Don't release someone at the end of a week - this could cause a very negative response as they have all weekend to dwell on things.

Tell them first thing on a Monday - give them a private room with a phone that they can use immediately to call agencies and make appointments.

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Employee Redundancies - How we can help

Hedley Basford Management Consultants offer a personal and confidential 'one to one' service. After working with us your leavers will have an ideal CV, understand how to market yourself, and know how to manage job interviews.

We help people to:

  • Get more job interviews
  • Feel good and confident about themselves
  • Relax and enjoy being interviewed
  • Feel in control of the interview
  • Improve your chances of getting job offers.

We help people to understand the job seeking process including:

  1. The purpose of the CV is to get an INTERVIEW
  2. The purpose of the INTERVIEW is to get a JOB OFFER
  3. You could aim to get several JOB OFFERS before making your DECISION

One lady came to us quite despondent having failed many interviews previously. After our session together she was delighted to get a job offer at her very first interview. She told us:

"I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me"

Key Questions For Your Employee Leavers

Do you know how to make your CV stand 'head and shoulders' above the others?

Do you know why you need more than one version of your CV?

Do you know how to market yourself?

Do you know that many jobs are never advertised?

What is your score when you walk into the interview room?
Contrary to popular opinion, you actually start with a score of 100%, but can lose marks as the interview develops!

How can you be sure that when you leave the interview room, the interviewer or panel will be sure, one way or the other about you?

Planning Redundancies - Find Out How
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Letting staff go should not be a traumatic experience for you or your employees. Our management consultants can help turn a difficult time into a positive new beginning.

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