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Happy Customers Equal More Sales

Keeping your customers happy can be harder than you think. Customer expectations change overtime.

Unhappy customers result in:

  • lost sales
  • negative company image
  • lost referrals

Happy customers result in:

  • repeat sales
  • positive company image
  • high quality customer referrals

So how do your customers expect from you?

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Customer Expectations and Perceptions


  • Develop and improve customer relationships

  • Increase new and repeat sales

  • Improve your market share


  • Survey your customers to find their current level of satisfaction

  • Assess the positive value of the benefits you have already delivered

  • Create a Value Proposition
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Customer Expectations and Business Success

Business success is linked closely with your customers having a positive perception of your company, rather than from what you actually deliver!

Ask yourself:

  • How often do I follow up with clients or customers to check how well their expectations are being met?
  • How am I ensuring that my customers are our best advocates?

Meeting your customer expectations is a challenge, at the start they may not be fully explicit. Further, they are likely to change subtly during over time and they will certainly be at their highest upon the completion of a project, delivery or upon installation.

The most vulnerable time in your relationship with your customers is that first 6 months after the project has been completed or the sale made.

How to Maintain Successful Customer Relationships

The key to maintaining successful customer relationships is being sure that you keep tuned in to your customers evolving perceptions of the value you have delivered. By doing so, you will identify any issues at an early stage, before they become real problems.

Customers are often more forthcoming to an independent person than to their suppliers, so using a third party to measure your customer perceptions often produces more genuine results.

By taking an active interest in your customers they often see this as a positive expression of your long-term commitment to them.

Hedley Basford Management Consultants have a powerful online survey tool that we use to obtain customer feedback on a regular basis.

Customers Perceptions and Customer Expectations
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Customer Surveys - How We Can Help

Hedley Basford management consultants can assist you in accurately measuring your customers expectations and perceptions so that you can improve your customer relations and service levels.

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