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Finding the Right Marketing to Increase Your Sales

Successfully business marketing is vital for winning sales. However, you may not be aware of the best strategies for your company.

This isn't surprising great business marketing requires a mixture of creativity, experience and knowledge that you may not currently have.

The solution - Bring onboard an independent experienced marketing consultant.

Yes hiring a marketing consultant will cost you money, but its an investment that can bring you much bigger rewards.

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Business Markeing & Sales


  • Grow your company sales

  • Increase your business profits

  • Improve your market share


  • Develop a comprehensive & coherent promotion strategy

  • Monitor the cost effectiveness of expenditure

  • Establish sales targets

  • Implement a CRM system to track customer activity
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One of the Biggest Sales and Marketing Mistakes

The biggest sales and marketing mistake businesses can make is to not fully understand their market place.

Customers buy products/services to fulfill a need or desire meeting that requirement is key to you winning sales.

Sadly history is full of failed businesses who didn't fully understand their market place for example: in the early 20th century many carriage manufacturers went out of business.


They failed to realise that they were in the transportation business. When their customers stopped buying carriages and switched to cars they didn't adapt and so they failed.

Understanding and adapting to your market place is vital to your businesses success and is the starting point to creating your sales and marketing strategy.

Choosing the Right Business Sales & Marketing Strategy

There are many different business sales and marketing strategies and are experienced marketing consultants have often found that companies seldom make full use of all the methods available to them.

One marketing area that is often overlooked is the commercial potential locked in your customer database. Your existing customers are a very valuable resource, not only are they more likely to purchase from you they can also be great sales generators.

As a rule referrals from this group produce high quality leads with a stronger likely hood of a sale. Plus the costs of promoting to this group is often much lower than other promotional strategies.

However, you should never just rely on one marketing strategy. By combining multiple strategies you can focus on different markets tailoring the right products/services to the correct people to maximise your profits.

What to Expect from Your Marketing Consultant

A good marketing consultant will be able to quickly review your current business marketing and make solid recommendations to improve your business sales.

As well as implementing marketing strategies your marketing consultant should also be able to directly handle your marketing campaigns, collating all the data and provide accurate timely reports.

This will free up your time to concentrate on your core business needs safe in the knowledge that your marketing is in the right hands.

Business Sales and Business Marketing
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Sales & Marketing - How We Can Help

Hedley Basford marketing consultants are independent and experienced consultants who will work with you to create the right sales and marketing strategies for your business.

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