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Why You Need a Great Customer Value Proposition

You may have outstanding product/services, but unless you can effectively communicate their value to your customers you will never get the sales you truly deserve.

The solution - You need a winning customer value proposition!

A great customer value proposition shows the true benefits of your products/services quickly and effectively. Giving customers a real incentive to choose you over and above your competitors.

Hedley Basford experienced marketing consultants can help you create a winning value proposition plus provide additional marketing and sales support.

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Customer Value Proposition


  • Find Out the real value of your products/services

  • Attract new customers

  • Build stronger relationships with existing customers


  • Survey existing customers

  • Identify main benefits of your products/services

  • Create customer value proposition
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What is a Customer Value Proposition

Your customer value proposition is a brief summary of the benefits your customers should expect from your products/services.

Which of the following value propositions would you be most likely to respond to?:

  1. "We offer one-stop shopping. Our company has a full range of products to meet your every need."

  2. "After using our product, one well-know retailer saw a 54% increase in sales conversions and a 25% increase in online sales.

    Our clients typically see 40% improvement in areas such as profit margins, rates, and cost savings."

The second proposition is much more informative and compelling and will as a result produce more sales than the first. So how can you create a similar value proposition for your business?

Start Creating a Customer Value Proposition

The first place to start creating your proposition is by getting accurate and detailed information about the real value of your business products/services. Existing customer are a real gold mine of information in this area.

Your existing customers are a very valuable resource not only can they they provide important feedback on your products/services they are also fantastic lead generators.

By talking with existing customers you can create a tailored list of benefits that can be used to create your value proposition plus you can also enhance your relationship with your customers.

However, many businesses lack the time, resources and skills needed to not only successfully research their product/service benefits, but also combine the results into winning value propositions.

This is were an experienced marketing consultant can help. By hiring a expert independent marketing consultant you can focus on your core business needs, while your consultant creates winning customer value propositions to increase sales. Plus you will also have access to the many years of marketing experience courtesy of your consultant, which could transform your sales and marketing.

Create a Winning Business Value Proposition
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Customer Value Propositions - How We Can Help

Hedley Basford marketing consultants have the detailed knowledge and experience to help you create an irresistibly attractive customer value proposition.

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Winning Customer Value Proposition

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Customer Value Proposition